The Committee

Chair – Bex Newell

Hi, I’m Bex, a second year HSPS student at King’s and I’m really excited to be CUAI Chair for 2019-2020!

Getting involved with Amnesty is one of the best things that I’ve done during my time at Cambridge. Being able to campaign for such important and serious issues is very rewarding, and has given me a great deal of respect for the work that Amnesty does! I’m particularly interested in how Amnesty can defend and protect the rights of marginalised communities, as well as having a more specific interest in the right to education and shelter. This year, I’d really like for CUAI to engage with ongoing campaigns within Cambridge, such as climate change or period poverty campaigns, in order to demonstrate why human rights are so important to both the Cambridge and wider community.

As Chair, I’m responsible for leading CUAI and organising collaborations- please get in touch if you’d like to work together or would like to get involved with Amnesty!

Secretary – Rowan Cookson

Hi! I’m Rowan and I’m a second year history student at Newnham. I’m interested in studying groups whose human rights were violated in the past and it shocks and angers me how often human rights are still violated today. I joined Amnesty International to do what I can to end human rights abuse. Horrific human rights abuses are committed all the time, but I believe that through committed collective action we can raise awareness of human rights issues in Cambridge and beyond and create enough pressure to force change.

Social Secretary – Isabella Lynn

Hi! I’m Izzy, a 1st year History student at Trinity, and I am CUAI’s social secretary for 2019/2020. My job on the committee is to organise social events which can help with fundraising, whether society wide or just for the committee. These include events like Jamnesty, garden parties, Amnestea’s, club nights and hopefully lots more!

I was involved with Amnesty International throughout senior school and CUAI is a great opportunity to keep this involvement going. I am really passionate about human rights and being part of CUAI  is a great way to help learn about and raise awareness of human rights abuses in our world today, alongside helping to raise money and campaign against them.

As Social Secretary I would really love to work with other groups and societies in Cambridge to help expand the kind of events we host and to bring our message to a wider audience! If you have any thoughts or ideas, or would like to work with us please email me at

Treasurer – Fahmida Yasmin

Hello everyone! I’m Fahmida (a Land Economy student at Newnham) and the new treasurer for CUAI this year. I am passionate about the work Amnesty International does and hope to learn more, raise greater awareness and contribute to change. I am looking forward to being actively involved with CUAI this year, working with members – helping the running of the society to host more wonderful events and meetings.

As treasurer, my main role involves keeping a record of finances and reimbursing members/speakers when needed. In addition, I will assist by transferring donations to selected charities.

If you would like to contact me – my email is:

Publicity Officer – Lisa Klaassen

Hi! I’m Lisa and i’m a first year English student at Sidney Sussex, and i’m CUAI’s Publicity Officer for the 2019-20 committee. Growing up in Belgium, Switzerland and Hong Kong has exposed me to different cultures, which has made me very conscious of the importance of campaigning for the justice and equality of individuals and communities.

As Publicity Officer, its my role to raise awareness for human rights campaigns through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through posting about our campaigns, meetings and events, I believe that these platforms are vital to raise continual awareness of humanitarian issues, and to engage with as many people in the community as possible.

If you have any questions about getting involved with Amnesty and our campaigns, please contact me at

General Member – Roseanna Honeywood

Hello, I’m a second year MMLer at Selwyn and a general member of CUAI – it has been a pleasure to support the committee with events and publicity for the past year.

I love this society for its determination to remind people about and oppose cruelty in the world – and often, people do listen to us 🙂

I will be on my year abroad after Easter term, but I’m planning to keep in touch while joining another Amnesty group in Berlin!

General Member – Elena Handtrack

I am a first-year law student and I have worked for several human rights-focused NGOs before coming to Cambridge. I joined CUAI because I am passionate about enabling more people to rely on their human rights in domestic courts. As a general committee member, I assist all other committee members and I am mainly involved in digital design for our campaigns. In addition to my work for CUAI, I am involved with Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps and serve on the committee of the Cambridge University Human Rights Law Society.

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