Freshers’ Fair

Members of the Exec will be manning a stall throughout CUSU’s Freshers’ Fair at Kelsey Kerridge. We would love to meet you properly and to tell you about our plans for this term.

We will also be petitioning for the release of the ’88 Generation Students Group’. In August 1988 a courageous group of Burmese students began to call for democracy. Their ’88 Generation Students Group’ rapidly gained broad support across the country and led many peaceful demonstrations for change. But the government responded to the demonstrators with ferocity. Security forces killed around 3,000 civilians and thousands more people were imprisoned – or simply disappeared. The surviving leaders of the student movement were given long jail terms, some spending up to 15 years in solitary confinement. Many of them are still in prison today.

We may also have sweeties.

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