Letter Writing

From the very beginning of Amnesty International in 1961, people have written letters on behalf of victims of human rights abuses.

Today, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people throughout the world challenge cruelty and injustice by taking a few minutes to write a letter. Get the latest Urgent Actions at Amnesty Site, where you can search for actions by country or identity.

Remember, your letter, combined with others from all over the world, can lead to a dramatic improvement in the situation of a victim of human rights abuse.

Read on for a sample letter, and letter writing tips:

General Tips

  • Speed is vital if you are taking an Urgent Action –¬†a brief letter, covering all the recommended action points listed in the appeal is all that is necessary.
  • Letters should be brief, factual and polite. Take special care not to sound aggressive or offensive. Write in a natural style.
  • Letters don’t have to be long or detailed
  • Keep letters factual and to the point. Details to include will be outlined in the action.
  • Don’t discuss ideology or politics – Amnesty International¬†opposes human rights violations, not governments or political systems.
  • Be positive – make a clear request and write as if the reader is open to reasoned argument.
  • Write in English unless you can get an accurate translation.
  • Letters can be hand-written or typed.
  • Use a conclusion that encourages a reply.

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